Apostles of Sensitiveness

I am deeply of the mind that there is a need for materials of refreshment, challenge and renewal for those who are intent upon establishing islands of fellowship in a sea of racial, religious and national tensions.~ Howard Thurman (Deep is the Hunger: Meditations for the Apostles of Sensitiveness 1950)

High Fives

Our Work

This project is motivated by the question "How can we learn to live well together?" To answer the question we turn to centuries of monastic wisdom and the latest peace-building and social healing innovations. 

Our primary work is to invite young adults into public and private conversations with members of religious communities and to expose them to peacebuilding and social healing practices in hopes of unleashing the creative potential of this generation confronted with an increasingly divided society and unprecedented challenges that require collective action. 


Get Involved

We continue to seek peace builders, social healers, monastics, young adults, and ministers to partner with in our work, please reach out if you are interested in getting involved or if you are simply curious about our work


Young Adults

If you are a young adult or if you work with you adults and are interested in finding a monastic mentor, learning more about peacebuilding and social healing practices we would love to hear from you

Members of Religious Life 

If you are a member of a monastic community (or in any other way engaged in living the Religious Life)  and interested in serving as a monastic mentor or finding other ways to engage with young adults please reach out to explore what may be possible together


Peace Practitioners & Social Healers

We are working to curate a resource list of the people, places, programs, and PRACTICES involved in peacebuilding and social healing. If you know of any resources, please feel free to point us in that direction and also explore some of the resources we have already found