Resources for Peacebuilding and Social Healing

We recognize that the deep wisdom from religious communities must be supplemented by some of the latest in peacebuilding and social healing innovations


Highlighted Resources

Difference is a 5 session course that explores what it means to follow Jesus in the face of conflict and see transformation through everyday encounters.

Our tools aren’t hammers, screwdrivers and saws.  Rather our tools are various ways to facilitate a group’s work, simulations and role plays, activities that connect people to their own experiences in a way that can bring new insights, and energizers that open up all our senses to new information.

Qualities & Strategies of Peacemakers (QSP-online) is a course of 5 modules, each based on a documentary film, followed by interactive analysis.

The Adverse Community Experiences and Resilience (ACE|R) Framework and materials that have been developed subsequent to the framework's release provide a basis for understanding how community trauma undermines both individual and community resilience, especially in communities highly impacted by violence, and what can be done about it.

The current responses to COVID-19 and structural racism have created an increased demand for resources and training to help today’s peacebuilders transform violent conflicts in their communities and to assist people who are seeking nonviolent change around the world. To meet that demand, the U.S. Institute of Peace is offering its entire catalog of online courses tuition-free from now until the end of 2020.

JustPeace is a United Methodist center that prepares and assists leaders and faith communities to engage conflict constructively in ways that strive for justice, reconciliation and restoration of community.


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