Our Projects

There are a number of ways to engage with this project. We seek to create and curate both spiritual and practical resources to aid people in creating islands of fellowship in the midst of increasing racial, religious, and national tensions


We record and release interviews with peace practitioners, social healers, and members of religious orders. The podcast series allows us to listen for the sound of the genuine in the lives of present day Apostles of Sensitiveness


We gather online to collectively reflect on a passage from Howard Thurman's Deep is the Hunger: Meditations for Apostles of Sensitiveness 


We create space online that invited people to engage with various peacebuilding, conflict transformation and social healing resources.


We invite young adults into public and private conversations with members of religious orders. Young adults seek monastic wisdom asking the question, how do we live well together? What does the monastic tradition have to say to a world on fire?


Apostles of Sensitiveness Podcast Series

To have a sense of that is vital, a basic and underlying awareness of life and its potentialities at every level of experience, this is to be an Apostle of Sensitiveness. These are the words of Howard Thurman, author, theologian, pastor to the civil rights movement, and ancestor whose wisdom is desperately needed in our time. 

In 1950 Thurman wrote of the need for materials of refreshment, renewal, and challenge and for those who are intent upon establishing islands of fellowship in a sea of racial, religious, and national tensions.

Decades later this project takes up Thurman’s call drawing from deep wells of wisdom found in the lives of present-day peace practitioners, social healers, mystics, and monastics. These folks are sensitive enough to ask the question “how do we live well together” and courageous enough to live out the answer. 

You are invited on this journey to listen for the sound of the genuine in the stories of these Apostles of Sensitiveness.