Our Team

"And it is my prayer that your love may be more and more rich in knowledge and all manner of insight, enabling you to have a sense of what is vital..." thus writes the Apostle Paul to the Church at Philippi. To have a sense of what is vital, a basic and underlying awareness of life and its potentialities at every level experience, this is to be an Apostle Sensitiveness. ~ Howard Thurman

Demarius J. Walker


I come alive when communities are formed, harmful boundaries are dissolved, and healing transforms hearts of stone into hearts of flesh. I come alive in the midst of dialogue with unknown and undiscovered siblings around the corner and across the globe


Curtis Mason

Student Intern, University of Chicago

For now -- what makes me come alive? Hope for a better future -- for one in which communities throughout the world are guided and driven by love -- is what, above all else, makes me come alive. This hope structures my life. It guides and inspires my will.


Valarie Mayo

Student Intern, Kentucky State University

I come alive when...


Sam Kuo

Student Intern, University of Houston

I come alive when I can see the healing power of compassion and community.


Chinelo Osakwe

Student Intern, Florida State University

I come alive when I have fulfilling conversations that remind me of the Lord's presence in everyone


Monastic Mentors and Project Advisors

Members of the Church who are accompanying our interns and/or advising on this project


Br. Josép Reinaldo Martínez-Cubero, OHC

Holy Cross Monastery


Bp. Matthew Gunter

Bishop, Diocese of Fond Du Lac


Sr. Pamela Clare, CSF

Community of St. Francis


Dr. James Farwell

Virginia Theological Seminary


Br. Luc

Holy Cross Monastery, Novice


Sr. Monica Clare, C.S.J.B

Convent of St. John Baptist


This project is made possible by support from

The Episcopal Evangelism Society

The Forum for Theological Exploration 

The Conference of Anglican Religious Orders in the Americas